Thursday, July 21, 2011

Travel Day

Well, today was a travel day. Our support staff (Kathleen, Deedee, and Lynda) did wonders to move 33 individuals from New Jersey down to Houston (the last plane comes in after 8 PM tonight). Tomorrow is the first day of the NASA experiment. Everyone that I've talked to is excited to be here - especially our teachers. Andrew and his team (as well as many individuals supporting this effort - Engineering, Business Operations) have arranged for six teams of teachers to fly on NASA's Microgravity flights.

Some of us, like me, get to be mentors and help the teachers with their research. I've been working with my team, the Space Cowboys, since May 26th to develop  a research project, build the experiment, file the safety documentation with NASA, and now try to make it work in microgravity.  I'll describe the teams and their experiments in later posts, hopefully with pictures. We'll also use this opportunity to see how NASA conducts their operations. There will be plenty to see and, hopefully, we'll get some good ideas that we might consider in our operations. 
                           --- John DeLooper

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  1. Looks like that experiment will be interesting. NASA always have peculiar methods in doing things. I also hope to visit that place someday.

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