Thursday, July 21, 2011

Au Revoir to those bound for the Weightless Wonder!

What do you say to friends and colleagues when they are headed for a NASA voyage?

Actors, a superstitious lot, often ask wellwishers to avoid saying, “Good luck” and actually prefer “Break a leg.” That doesn’t seem especially apt for the case we have on our hands. What should you say to a group of PPPLers who are headed now for Johnson Space Center in Houston for a ride aboard the “Weightless Wonder”?

Katherine Trinidad, a press officer at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C., did not offer specific answers. “I don’t really know if there is any special etiquette for this,” Trinidad said today.

Okay, if formal rules do not exist for this occasion, we can wing it. So here goes: For our colleagues at PPPL and the team of teachers joining them – all of whom are about to train for and ride the legendary “vomit comet” as part of the NASA Reduced Gravity Research Program -- we’re wishing you a wonderful voyage. We look forward to the stories you will blog about here and the ones you will bring home.

--- Kitta MacPherson

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