Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 3 - Saturday - Teacher Education Curriculum Workshop

By John DeLooper

Today is devoted to having the teachers develop their ideas on just how to bring this wonderful experience to the students in their classroom. How can they take this event and the research they will conduct next week and communicate that in their classroom?
In the morning, the teachers developed curriculum and created posters and then described their experiments to the other teams. The teachers reviewed each other's work and voted for the "best" poster - the Falling Tigers team (Princeton) won.

In the afternoon, the teachers developed curriculum using experiments designed by other teams and created a poster sharing their new ideas. The teachers congregated around the six experimental ideas that they liked - each forming a new team based on their interest.  Each "new" team was allowed two minutes to "sell" its poster (some infomercials were more effective than others.... kinzo knifes included... and if you act now, we'll double your offer....). The teachers reviewed the posters and voted again for the "best" poster. The "slick spheres" won.
Each member of the winning teams gets a $20 coupon for the NASA gift shop.
Tomorrow is an off day. My team is going to Galveston to see the city and visit an oil rig. Now, off to dinner....

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