Sunday, July 24, 2011

Galveston...briefly before The Big Day

By John DeLooper

Several of us decided to go to Galveston today to see an oil rig museum and visit the town. Galveston is about 35 minutes south of our hotel. The oil rig was previously used in the Gulf of Mexico and has since been turned into a museum to show the public about the oil industry. Unfortunately, Kathleen and Adam had to be rescued.....(just joking....)
After some lunch, we went to the beach to put our toes into the water. While some practiced retail shopping therapy, others rested in the rocking chairs.
Tomorrow is the big day. We plan on getting in as early as possible, since we need to have our experiment ready for the safety review by 10:30 AM. We've been told that 20 NASA folks will be checking out our experiments to make sure they are flight worthy. We will see....

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